Each work is generated by one of the soft-wares developed by Charles Giulioli "L'Oeuvre Sans fin", "Lignes Sans Calcul" or "Les Jours".
It is a freeze frame selected in the running program. Titles of the works reflect the date and time where it was created.
Each print is one-of-a-kind. Only one proof is printed. It is signed.
(afterwards, datas are destroyed as testified by a certificate)

These fine art prints are produced with top-quality ink-jet printers on paper, canvas, plexiglass or aluminum.

"Lignes Sans Calcul, 8 septembre 2019,21h13", sublimation print on aluminum

"Les Jours, 23 avril 2019, 08h36", sublimation print on aluminum, 80 x 80 cm

"Les Jours, 14 mars 2019, 11h23", sublimation print on aluminum, 50 x 50 cm

"Lignes Sans Calcul, 18 janvier 2018, 17h37", 100 x 150 cm, sublimation print on aluminium

"Lignes Sans Calcul, 9 octobre 2018, 20h56", sublimation print on aluminium

"Lignes Sans Calcul, 15 novembre 2017, 13h15", 100 x 150 cm, sublimation on aluminium

"Lignes Sans Calcul, 22 janvier 2018, 11h17", sublimation print on aluminium, 20 x 100 cm

Exhibition, galerie Mondapart, 2017

"Lignes Sans Calcul, 29 mars 2018, 17h15", 100 x 150, sublimation print on aluminium

"18 avril 2016 18h13" 170 x 100cm, print on canvas

"16 janvier 2015-12h02mn", 80 x 120 cm, sublimation on aluminium

print on canvas.300 x 240 cm, 2010

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