Generative Works

A piece of art is "generative" when it is created with an autonomous system. The work generates itself in an unpredictible manner. (These are not recorded videos, they are re-created in real time).
These softwares are evolutions from my earlier "Painting Machine" and "Work with no End" that I have been developping since 2003.
They are designed for particular projects or created in limited editions. They are connected to screens or video-projectors.


"Night Flight", Los Angeles airport, 2018

"Renaissance", 2016 (a short clip from the piece)

"Renaissance" on site

at "Oncopole" Hospital

in Toulouse

clip from the software "Falls", 2016

"Fountain", 2016

"Petite Mécanique", 2015

"Random thoughts", 2015

"Toulouse style n°4" random graffiti, 2016

"Toulouse graffiti", random drawing, 2017

"30 years around the Globe", anniversary of satellite SPOT, CNES, 2016

Event at the Cité de l'Espace in Toulouse

with philharmonic orchestra.

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